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Yes, tipping is not a common practice in Vietnam. However, tipping may be appreciated in high-end establishments or for exceptional service.

Tipping practices can vary from country to country, and Vietnam is no exception. While tipping is not a common practice in Vietnam, there are some instances where it may be appreciated, especially in high-end establishments or for exceptional service. However, it is important to note that tipping is not expected or required in most situations.

Here are some interesting facts about tipping in Vietnam:

  1. Cultural Norms: In Vietnamese culture, the concept of tipping is not deeply ingrained. The tradition of tipping is not as widespread as in Western countries.

  2. No Need for Extra Charges: In many restaurants in Vietnam, a service charge of around 5-10% may already be included in the bill. This helps to cover the cost of service, eliminating the need for additional tips.

  3. Service Industry Wages: The service industry in Vietnam often compensates its employees with higher base salaries compared to Western countries. This helps to reduce the reliance on tips as a significant source of income.

  4. Gesture of Appreciation: While not obligatory, leaving a small tip can be seen as a gesture of appreciation for exceptional service. It is best to give the tip directly to the service staff rather than leaving it on the table.

  5. High-End Establishments: Tipping may be more common in upscale restaurants, hotels, or spas catering to international clientele. In these establishments, a 5-10% tip can be given directly to the staff who provided the service.

As Anthony Bourdain, the late American chef and travel documentarian, once said: “In Vietnam, food is a serious business. Tipping is not.”

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Tipping isn’t mandatory or customary in Vietnam, but it is always appreciated. If you’re happy with the services provided by waiters, drivers and other service workers, leaving a small tip is a good way to show your appreciation.

Generally, tipping is not expected in Vietnam, but is very much appreciated. Many Vietnam workers do not earn much money and always appreciate the extra money to be made in tips. The official currency in Vietnam is the Vietnam dong (d). However, United States dollars are also accepted in most places.

Tipping in Vietnam – ETG’s guidelines

  • Drivers: When tipping your driver it depends how much time he’s spent looking after you.
  • Hotels: Tips aren’t really expected in hotels.

In Vietnam, you can tip in Vietnamese Dong, US dollars, Australian dollars, Singapore dollars, Euro, British pounds, Japanese yens, Chinese renminbis. Some people spend tips while other people keep them as gifts and good luck.

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In this video, 10 important things to know before traveling to Vietnam are discussed. The tips range from visa requirements to the best time to visit and healthcare options. Currency and staying connected are also covered, along with transportation options and the language barrier. Accommodation choices, popular dishes, and food safety issues are mentioned, as well as suggested activities to do in Vietnam.

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How much should we tip in Vietnam?
The reply will be: around 10%
How Much Should You Tip in Restaurants in Vietnam? You should leave a tip of around 10%. In some high-end restaurants, you might notice that there’s been an extra charge added to your bill. This isn’t a tip, and the people serving you won’t receive any of it.

Moreover, Can I tip in US dollars in Vietnam? Response: US dollars are accepted in Vietnam and can be used for tipping along with the Vietnamese currency the dong.

Do you tip cab driver in Vietnam? As a response to this: Taxis: In some countries, like the United States, it is considered rude to not leave a tip for a taxi driver. In Vietnam, it isn’t required and a driver will not be insulted if you do not tip. However, if your taxi fare is, for example, VND 90,000 then it is normal to give VND 100,000 and tell them to keep the change.

How much do you tip easy rider in Vietnam?
Tipping your guide in Vietnam is not common or mandatory, but is of course greatly appreciated. If your Easy Rider adventure was great, you can give around €/$3-5 (~100,000 VND) per guide per day.

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How to tip in Vietnam?
In reply to that: Though some expensive establishments in Vietnam will accept US dollars, they’re not commonly accepted. So if you’re tipping a particular person, always tip them in local currency, not in US dollars. The person you’re tipping won’t have much use for them. In remote, rural areas, don’t be surprised if people are embarrassed by your offer of a tip.

Is Tiping mandatory in Vietnam?
As an answer to this: Tipping is not in any case mandatory in Vietnam. Vietnam is a developing economy, which means that the majority of the population is still living on an average wage. If you truly enjoy the service, a small tip will perfectly represent your gratuity for the service provided.

Do hairdressers tip in Vietnam? In our experience, hairdressers don’t usually expect a tip in Vietnam. However, when we go to our favourite Ho Chi Minh City salons, we make sure to tip 10–15% of the bill. Make sure you bring change, so you can hand the tip directly to the person who cut your hair. In Vietnam, the craft beer scene has taken off like a rocket.

Simply so, Should you tip a hotel?
Response will be: Hotels: Consider tipping when the hotel matches you well with a room of your preferences, or the staff has been tremendously helpful and friendly. If you plan to tip the hotel in general, just leave it at the counter desk, put it in their gratuity jar (if they have one), or leave it somewhere noticeable in your room.

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Also to know is, When TIP TIP TIP in Vietnam Vietnam? tip tip?
Answer will be: Tipping etiquettes in Vietnam. As a rule of thumb always tip when you receive good service. Tipping is more common in the cities than in the countryside. Tipping is more common in expensive restaurants than in food stalls.

In this regard, How much do you tip a bartender in Vietnam?
Answer will be: In Vietnam, tipping the bartender is a fairly common custom. In fact, bar staff are normally paid very little and most of their income comes from tips and not their salary. A tip of around 50,000 VND to round off your bill is expected.

Thereof, Should you tip a taxi driver in Hanoi? Answer to this: In any big city in Vietnam, and certainly in the touristy areas in Hanoi, finding a taxi driver that will actually use the taxi meter can be a real pain. With that in mind, it’s worth rewarding the drivers who do, with a small tip.

Is Tiping mandatory in Vietnam?
Tipping is not in any case mandatory in Vietnam. Vietnam is a developing economy, which means that the majority of the population is still living on an average wage. If you truly enjoy the service, a small tip will perfectly represent your gratuity for the service provided.

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