General problems: where can I find manufacturers in Vietnam?

To find manufacturers in Vietnam, you can explore online business directories, attend trade shows and exhibitions, or connect with local trade associations and chambers of commerce. Additionally, contacting a sourcing agent familiar with the Vietnamese market can also help you identify suitable manufacturers.

Finding manufacturers in Vietnam can be a valuable strategy for businesses looking to diversify their supply chain or take advantage of the country’s growing manufacturing capabilities. While the brief answer provided some ideas, let’s delve into more detail on how to find manufacturers in Vietnam.

  1. Online Business Directories: Online directories provide a convenient way to search for manufacturers in Vietnam. Platforms like Alibaba, Vietnam Manufacturers, and offer extensive listings of manufacturers categorized by industry. These directories provide contact information, company profiles, and sometimes even customer reviews, helping you make informed decisions.

  2. Trade Shows and Exhibitions: Attending trade shows and exhibitions in Vietnam can be an excellent way to meet manufacturers face-to-face and establish valuable connections. Key events include the Vietnam Manufacturing Expo, Vietnam International Furniture & Home Accessories Fair, and the Vietnam International Food Industry Exhibition. These exhibitions offer a platform to explore a wide range of industries and connect with potential manufacturers.

  3. Trade Associations and Chambers of Commerce: Local trade associations and chambers of commerce can be valuable resources for finding manufacturers. For example, the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) and the Vietnam Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (VINASME) have extensive networks and can provide recommendations based on specific requirements.

  4. Sourcing Agents: Engaging with sourcing agents who are familiar with the Vietnamese market can greatly facilitate the process of finding suitable manufacturers. These agents have existing relationships with local manufacturers, possess market knowledge, and can help negotiate contracts. They also assist with quality control, shipping logistics, and communication barriers.

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Quote: “The modern global economy needs a skilled workforce, not simply for routine manufacturing work, but to manage the complex process of crafting and selling ideas.” – Peter Mandelson

Interesting facts about manufacturing in Vietnam:

  1. Vietnam has emerged as one of the leading manufacturing destinations in Southeast Asia, attracting multinational companies due to its competitive labor costs, favorable investment policies, and infrastructure development.

  2. The country has a strong manufacturing base in various sectors, including electronics, textiles, footwear, furniture, and automotive components. It is particularly renowned for its role as a major exporter of smartphones and garments.

  3. Vietnam is part of several free trade agreements, such as the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) and the European Union-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA), offering preferential market access to many countries.

  4. The Vietnamese government has implemented initiatives to promote innovation and technological advancements in the manufacturing sector, encouraging investments in research and development facilities.

Here’s an example of a table highlighting key industries in Vietnam:

Industry Key Products
Electronics Smartphones, electronics components, laptops
Textiles Garments, textiles, fabrics
Footwear Shoes, sportswear, leather goods
Furniture Wood furniture, home decor
Automotive Automotive parts and components

Remember that thoroughly researching and vetting potential manufacturers through communication, product samples, and factory visits is crucial to ensure quality and reliability.

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To find manufacturers in Vietnam, you can use B2B marketplaces and exporter directories. Some websites that review several websites to find Vietnamese suppliers & manufacturers include and online searches. However, compared to more advanced manufacturing nations like China, Vietnam-based sourcing or consultancy firms would be able to offer more value.

If you are looking to source products from Vietnam, this article reviews several websites to find Vietnamese suppliers & manufacturers such as B2B marketplaces and exporter directories, including a few that are natively Vietnamese.

Using websites like or even online searches, investors can try to find Vietnamese companies directly. However, compared to more advanced manufacturing nations like China, Vietnam-based sourcing or consultancy firms would be able to offer more value.

This video discusses the advantages of sourcing products in Vietnam compared to China, such as lower labor costs, foreign ownership allowances, and tax incentives. It highlights the presence of well-known brands in the textile, garment, and footwear industries, as well as Vietnam’s status as a major exporter of furniture and agricultural products. Overall, the video portrays Vietnam as an attractive destination for manufacturing and sourcing various types of products.

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Moreover, people are interested

Moreover, How do I get a manufacturer in Vietnam?
Answer to this: Beyond Alibaba, a few other websites focus specifically on Vietnam and are an excellent resource for finding Vietnamese suppliers.

  1. Alibaba.
  2. Vietnam Export.
  3. Vietnam Manufacturers.
  5. VietnamAZ.
  7. VCCI News.
  8. Global Sources.

Keeping this in consideration, Where is most manufacturing in Vietnam? The response is: Dong Nai is one of the most important provinces for manufacturing and is located to the South of Binh Duong, bordering Ho Chi Minh City in the East. Having vast production of agricultural products, Dong Nai is also the home to many manufacturers of textiles, electronics, and garments.

People also ask, Is there a site like Alibaba for Vietnam? AmCham Vietnam
Both are similar in that they promote American business interests abroad. They maintain a large database of American manufacturers and businesses in Vietnam. If you are an American or represent an American Company, you can connect yourself to Vietnamese suppliers in their database.

Also question is, What companies have factories in Vietnam?
As a response to this: Made In Vietnam – Famous Brands that Manufacture in Vietnam

  • NIKE.
  • INTEL.
  • LG.

Moreover, Where can I find information on manufacturing companies in Viet Nam? The response is: Find detailed information on Manufacturing companies in Viet Nam, including financial statements, sales and marketing contacts, top competitors, and firmographic insights. Dun & Bradstreet gathers Manufacturing business information from trusted sources to help you understand company performance, growth potential, and competitive pressures.

Also question is, Is Vietnam a good manufacturing destination?
In reply to that: Vietnam’s manufacturing base is not as large as that of China. However, it’s possibly a strong second in Asia, when it comes to OEM production. If you are importing products in one of the following product categories, then Vietnam might be a good manufacturing destination: Vietnam is also becoming a manufacturing center for electronic products.

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How do I choose a Vietnam manufacturing partner?
Choosing a Southeast Asian country like Vietnam for your low cost manufacturing, sourcing suppliers and manufacturers entails extensive market research and due diligence. The key is in “business matching” … finding the right Vietnam manufacturing partner that values your business and is willing to grow with you.

How difficult is it to find a supplier in Vietnam?
In reply to that: Vietnam Manufacturing is booming, and finding the right supplier is getting more accessible, but it’s not as easy as in China, and there are still several challenges. One of the most significant issues with finding suppliers is that the business landscape of Vietnam is fragmented.

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