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Vietnamese coffee is commonly referred to as “cà phê” or “ca phe” in Vietnamese. It is known for its strong flavor brewed from robusta beans and often served with condensed milk.

Vietnamese coffee, also known as “cà phê” or “ca phe” in Vietnamese, is a unique and renowned beverage enjoyed by locals and travelers alike. This type of coffee is distinct for its strong flavor profile, which is achieved through the brewing process and the choice of beans. One famous quote that captures the essence of Vietnamese coffee comes from an anonymous coffee lover who said, “A morning without Vietnamese coffee is like a sky without the sun.”

Here are some interesting facts about Vietnamese coffee:

  1. Robusta Beans: Vietnamese coffee is predominantly brewed using robusta beans rather than the more common arabica beans. Robusta beans are known for their higher caffeine content and robust flavor, adding to the distinctive taste of Vietnamese coffee.

  2. Brewing Method: The traditional brewing method in Vietnam is by using a small metal drip filter called a “phin.” This filter sits atop the coffee cup, and hot water is poured over the coffee grounds, allowing the rich flavors to slowly drip into the cup.

  3. Condensed Milk: One of the defining characteristics of Vietnamese coffee is the addition of sweetened condensed milk. This unique pairing originated during the French colonial period when milk was scarce, and condensed milk became a practical substitute. Today, it has become a beloved and inseparable element of Vietnamese coffee culture.

  4. Social Aspect: Vietnamese coffee culture places great emphasis on the social aspect of enjoying a cup of coffee. It is common to find locals gathering at local coffee shops known as “quán cà phê” to catch up with friends, conduct business meetings, or simply observe the vibrant street life while sipping on their coffee.

  5. Ice Coffee: Vietnamese coffee is often served over ice, known as “cà phê sữa đá.” This iced variation offers a refreshing twist, particularly in the hot and humid climate of Vietnam. The slow drip brewing method is used to create a potent brew that mellows out when poured over ice and mixed with condensed milk.

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To further illustrate the nuances of Vietnamese coffee, here’s a table comparing some key aspects of Vietnamese coffee with other popular coffee variations:

Coffee Type Country of Origin Bean Type Brew Method Serving Style
Vietnamese Coffee Vietnam Robusta Drip Filter (phin) With Condensed Milk
Italian Espresso Italy Arabica Espresso Machine Black
Turkish Coffee Turkey Arabica Stovetop Pot (cezve/ibrik) Unfiltered
Americano United States Arabica Espresso + Hot Water Black
Greek Frappé Coffee Greece Arabica Instant Coffee + Cold Water With Milk, if desired

Remember, Vietnamese coffee offers a distinct taste experience that combines the boldness of robusta beans with the creamy sweetness of condensed milk. It’s no wonder that it has gained popularity worldwide and continues to captivate coffee enthusiasts with its unique flavors and cultural significance.

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Vietnamese coffee (café sua or café den) is becoming increasingly popular with international travelers visiting Vietnam. Like beer and baguettes, coffee can also trace its origins back to the French during colonial times.

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This video provides a comprehensive guide on how to brew Vietnamese coffee. The host, Sarah Niyan, shares her journey in sourcing authentic Vietnamese coffee beans and introduces the traditional brewing method using a phin. She emphasizes the importance of an even distribution of grounds for optimal extraction and demonstrates the brewing process. Additionally, the video offers variations of Vietnamese coffee, such as black coffee and coffee with condensed milk. The host also provides a recipe for Vietnamese coconut coffee and advises against overpowering the coffee with excessive sweetness. Overall, this video is a helpful resource for anyone interested in brewing authentic Vietnamese coffee.

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What are other names for Vietnamese coffee? In the north of Vietnam, the mixture of black coffee and sweetened condensed milk is referred to as ca phe nau (brown coffee), while in the south it’s called ca phe sua (milk coffee).

What is Vietnamese coffee drink called?
Answer to this: Cà Phê Sữa Đá (literally – Coffee Milk Ice) This is the most popular Vietnamese Iced Coffee recipe. A base of sweetened condensed milk, over which about 2 oz of potent coffee is brewed using a individual serving size filter. The coffee itself is syrupy and strong, similar to an espresso.

Additionally, How do you order Vietnamese coffee? Response to this: Ordering Coffee in Vietnam is a relatively simple affair. Coffee is called “ca phe,” pronounce just like “cafe.” If you want it hot, it’s “nong.” If you want it iced, it’s “da” – ca phe nong or ca phe da.

Subsequently, What type of coffee is Vietnamese coffee?
The vast majority of coffee in Vietnam comes from the robusta species, a hardy plant that can grow on lower elevations. Taste-wise, coffee made from robusta is generally stronger, nuttier, and darker than that made from arabica, the other primary variety.

What is Vietnamese coffee?
Response to this: Put simply, Vietnamese coffee can refer to the Vietnamese coffee beverage made with coffee from Vietnam plus condensed milk. But it can also refer to any of the coffees grown and produced in Vietnam. These include robusta and arabica, which has two major subcategories called moka and catimor. Where is coffee grown in Vietnam?

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Similarly one may ask, How to make Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk?
Response to this: Get a glass and pour one or two tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk into it. Add one or two tablespoons of ground Vietnamese coffee beans to the coffee press and then tighten the strainer (the top). Rest the Vietnamese coffee press on top of the glass with the sweetened condensed milk and pour the boiling water into the top of the press.

Simply so, What type of coffee is used in Saigon? As a response to this: White coffee/ Saigon style coffee – bạc xỉu: Hot or iced milk with some added coffee, similar to a macchiato. Popular in Saigon. Pandan coffee – Cà phê lá dứa: Made with coffee, Pandan paste, and honey. Coconut coffee – Cà phê dừa: Made with coffee, coconut milk, and condensed milk.

Can You brew Vietnamese coffee with a foreign coffee machine?
The answer is: But you can also brew traditional Vietnamese roast with a foreign coffee machine. In Vietnam, according to traditions, Robusta coffee beans are roasted very dark, and elements such as salt, rice liqueur, butter, whiskey or even fish sauce and sugar can be added. An addition can make the bitter and hard Robusta beans taste and taste better.

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