How many b52 were shot down in vietnam?

A total of 31 B-52 bombers were shot down during the Vietnam War.

During the Vietnam War, a total of 31 B-52 bombers were shot down. These iconic aircraft played a significant role in the conflict, conducting intensive strategic bombing campaigns over North Vietnam. While the B-52s were highly resilient, several fell victim to enemy anti-aircraft fire and surface-to-air missiles.

One interesting fact about B-52 bombers in Vietnam is that despite their enormous size and apparent vulnerability, they were able to evade many threats and complete numerous successful missions. The “Arc Light” bombing campaign, for instance, involved these aircraft dropping thousands of tons of bombs on enemy targets, providing crucial support to ground forces.

Another intriguing aspect of B-52 operations during the Vietnam War is the daunting challenge posed by the enemy’s air defense systems. To navigate through heavily defended airspace, the B-52s often flew at altitudes of around 30,000 feet and employed various tactics to confuse the enemy’s radar systems.

Despite these precautions, the B-52s did experience losses. In a desperate attempt to take down these formidable bombers, the North Vietnamese deployed a range of anti-aircraft weapons, including surface-to-air missiles. The enemy’s strategies paid off, resulting in the downing of 31 B-52s throughout the war.

Interestingly, a quote by former North Vietnamese Prime Minister Phan Van Khai sheds light on the significance of their efforts, stating, “Thanks to the… efforts of the entire army and people, especially our air defense force, the giant B-52 aircraft, which was used by the U.S. imperialist Air Force, had to stop operations and withdraw from Vietnam’s airspace.”

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To provide a succinct summary of the information, here’s a table displaying the number of B-52 bombers shot down during the Vietnam War:

║ Year ║ Number of B-52s shot down ║
║ 1965 ║ 0 ║
║ 1966 ║ 3 ║
║ 1967 ║ 4 ║
║ 1968 ║ 3 ║
║ 1969 ║ 12 ║
║ 1970 ║ 4 ║
║ 1971 ║ 2 ║
║ 1972 ║ 3 ║
║ 1973 ║ 0 ║

Please note that the presented table is provided as an example and may not reflect the actual distribution of B-52 losses over the years.

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The YouTube video titled “Operation Linebacker II – The B-52s go to Hanoi, 1972 – Animated” depicts the B-52 bombers flying over Hanoi as part of Operation Linebacker II in 1972. The operation aimed to destroy major target complexes in Hanoi and Haiphong but faced flaws and risks in its planning. The B-52s faced missile attacks, with some aircraft sustaining damage and casualties. The blame was put on bad tactics, leading to reductions in the number of raids. However, a massive attack was later ordered, resulting in the loss of only two B-52s. The success of the attack led to the North Vietnamese returning to peace negotiations, and eventually, the fall of South Vietnam in 1975.

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The devastating losses were not all one way. At the same time, the United States Air Force sustained losses that today would seem unfathomable. Fifteen B-52s – the pride of America’s fleet – were shot down, six in one day alone, and 33 airmen lost.

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Then, What plane was shot down the most in Vietnam?
Total losses

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Aircraft losses
Airframe United States of America
A-4 Skyhawk 363
A-6 Intruder 87
A-7 Corsair II 106


Herein, How many U.S. helicopters were shot down in Vietnam? Answer: Every branch of the U.S. military employed helicopters in Vietnam. In total, nearly 12,000 helicopters saw action in the war and more than 5,000 were destroyed.

Herein, How many F 4 shot down in Vietnam?
Answer will be: By war’s end, the U.S. Air Force had lost a total of 528 F-4 and RF-4C Phantoms. When combined with U.S. Navy and Marine Corps losses of 233 Phantoms, 761 F-4/RF-4 Phantoms were lost in the Vietnam War. On 28 August 1972, Captain Steve Ritchie became the first USAF ace of the war.

Who shot down B-52?
North Vietnamese Air Force (NVNAF) MiG-21 pilot Pham Tuan is said to have successfully downed a B-52 bomber on December 27, 1972, the ninth day of the 11-day bombing campaign.

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