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Vietnamese celebrate birthdays by gathering with family and friends to share a meal together. They often have a birthday cake and sing “Happy Birthday.”

Vietnamese celebrate birthdays with traditional customs and heartfelt celebrations. The gathering of family and friends is an essential part of the festivities. The celebration typically involves a special meal, a birthday cake, and the singing of “Happy Birthday.” However, there are various cultural practices and beliefs that add richness to Vietnamese birthday celebrations.

One interesting fact is that the Vietnamese have a unique way of determining one’s age on their birthday. Unlike in some cultures where age is calculated from the moment of birth, in Vietnam, everyone is considered one year old at birth, and their age increases by one year on each Lunar New Year. This means that a person’s age can be different from their Western age, depending on the time of year they were born.

During Vietnamese birthday celebrations, it is common to see the presence of certain symbolic elements. For example, red envelopes called “lì xì” are often given to the birthday person, containing money as a traditional gift. This gesture represents good luck and prosperity.

In addition to the traditional customs, Vietnamese birthday celebrations may also incorporate modern Western influences. Many people opt to have Western-style birthday cakes decorated with candles and a personalized message. Blowing out the candles and making a wish is a cherished moment during the celebration.

To provide a glimpse into Vietnamese birthday traditions, here is a quote from Nguyen Van Dau, a Vietnamese poet and scholar, who said, “On birthdays, let us give thanks for the years we have had and the blessings of the future.”

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To summarize the key points in a table format:

Vietnamese Birthday Celebrations
Gathering with family and friends
Sharing a meal together
Having a birthday cake
Singing “Happy Birthday”
Red envelopes as gifts
Different age calculation system
Incorporation of Western influences

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While the Vietnamese have recently adopted Western-style birthday parties, traditionally birthdays were not celebrated in Vietnam. Instead, a Vietnamese family would celebrate the 1st month anniversary of a child’s birth, and the 1st year birthday, but nothing beyond that.

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In this YouTube video about Vietnam lifestyle, the host shares their experience of celebrating a birthday party for their cousin. Despite the current situation, they go to the market wearing masks to buy food for the celebration. The food is prepared, and the party includes singing the birthday song and blowing out the candles. The video concludes with the host expressing gratitude to the viewers and encouraging them to share their favorite parts in the comments. They also ask for suggestions for future topics and sign off, promising to see viewers in the next video.

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Beside this, What are Vietnamese birthday traditions? Vietnamese tradition is to only celebrate their birthdays on New Year’s Day. They refer to this day as “tet”. Vietnamese do not acknowledge or celebrate on their actual day of birth, they just all turn a year older on New Year’s Day.

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Why do Vietnamese people have two birthdays?
Vietnam is another country where traditionally, celebrating individual birthdays is rare. Instead, they have a countrywide birthday – everyone gets a year older on Vietnamese New Year, also known as Tết, which changes annually.

Accordingly, What do Vietnamese eat on birthday?
What to do on Vietnamese First Birthday?

  • Steamed sticky rice with Gac which has red/orange color is usually cooked for Thoi Noi.
  • Sweet soup with glutinous rice and black-eyed peas.
  • Vietnamese glutinous rice dumplings in caramel ginger syrup.
  • Everything is placed on the table on Vietnamese First Birthday Tradition.

Beside above, Do Vietnamese have two birthdays? Many people see their birthday as their own special day, but not in Vietnam, where everyone celebrates their birthday on the same day, which the Vietnamese call Tết Nguyên Đán, or just TET for short. This day also marks the start of spring and the start of Vietnamese New Year.

Similarly one may ask, How do people celebrate birthdays in Vietnam?
Response to this: 16. In Vietnam, people usually don’t celebrate their individual birthdays. Instead, everyone celebrates together on Tet, which is the day that celebrates Vietnamese New Year and everyone turns a year older. German – Alles Gute zum Geburtstag! French – Bon anniversaire!

Keeping this in consideration, How do Vietnamese celebrate death anniversaries? According to Vietnamese tradition, a person’s death-anniversary is more important than their birthday. Whereas a birthday may pass by forgotten or uncelebrated, the Vietnamese take the death-anniversaries much more seriously. Families will adorn their household alters with flowers, food-offerings, incense, and do some praying.

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Correspondingly, What is a good birthday gift in Vietnam?
Answer will be: Breakdown by Age The standard birthday gift in Vietnam includes: a birthday card, a Western-style cake with candles, and flowers for women. For young children, gifts should be toys, clothes and games — much like in the West.

Why do Vietnamese celebrate 1st month anniversary? Instead, a Vietnamese family would celebrate the 1st month anniversary of a child’s birth, and the 1st year birthday, but nothing beyond that. This was because high rates of infant mortality made it genuinely celebratory for a child to survive the first month, as well as the first year.

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