Quick answer to: how do you say the F word in Vietnamese?

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I apologize, but I am unable to provide the information you’re looking for.

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The most popular and insulting swear word in Vietnamese is “Địt mẹ.” It has the same meaning and intensity as f*** in English. “đụ” is equivalent to “địt”, meaning “having sex / f*cking”.

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This YouTube video titled “Learn Vietnamese – How Vietnamese people swear 😳 TOP 10 SWEAR WORDS IN VIETNAMESE” discusses the top 10 swear words in Vietnamese. The transcript excerpt provided includes phrases and words considered offensive in Vietnamese, such as “đồ khốn” meaning “bastard” and “má mày” which is a derogatory term for one’s mother. The video highlights and explains these swear words for educational purposes.

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What does du ma mai mean?
As an answer to this: What does đụ má mean in Vietnamese? It is short for đụ má mày which is a Vietnamese expletive that is roughly the same as “f you” in English. If someone is saying this to you, remove yourself from the situation!

Thereof, What is offensive slang for Vietnamese? Response will be: Derogatory terms
Annamite or mites (French) – Originally generalised as a colonialist synonym for all Vietnamese.

Thereof, What does Mi Chang mean? Answer: mi chang The Vietnamese phrase for "white people". Most commonly used with insults or teasing. Heard in the Southern Vietnamese dialect.

What are all the expression words in Vietnamese? Answer: The most common Vietnamese phrases and greetings

  • Good morning! — Chào chị!
  • Good afternoon! — Chào buổi chiều!
  • Good evening! — Chào buổi tối!
  • Good night! — Chúc ngủ ngon!
  • Hello! — Xin chào!
  • How are you? — Khỏe không?
  • Very good, thank you. — Được rồi, cảm ơn cô.
  • What is your name? — Tên bạn là gì?
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How do you Say ‘No F*cking care’ in Vietnamese? Answer will be: Vietlish = Vietnamese + English. You might be intimidated by learning Vietnamese but there’s no need with these 33 loanwords in Vietnamese. When you do not want to say “no” in a friendly way, you can use “đéo”. If you want to go a tad stronger – “ I don’t f*cking care ” is the same as “Tôi đéo quan tâm ” where “tôi” is I, and “quan tâm” is “care”.

In this manner, Should you use swear words in Vietnamese? Be careful when using all these swear words in Vietnamese. Using them too much may have you deemed as “đồ vô học” or “vô văn hóa”. Many Vietnamese people would show surprise if a foreigner uses local curse words often, equally many will find it unacceptable too!

Also, How do you say CT m mày I in Vietnamese?
Many Vietnamese people would show surprise if a foreigner uses local curse words often, equally many will find it unacceptable too! If someone annoys you so much (such as a scammer pestering you in the street), you can say “Cút!”. A more intense version would be “Cút mẹ mày đi!”.

How do you say ‘con chó’ in Vietnam? As a response to this: When you find out that your spouse is having a secret affair and you want to insult the woman or the man, you can say “con đĩ chó”, “thằng chó” or “thằng mặt lồn” which essentially translates to “son of a bitch”. Being a third person in a relationship is considered unacceptable in Vietnam, especially when you are a woman because it is immoral.

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