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Hamburger Hill, also known as Hill 937, was located near the Laotian border in the Ashau Valley, in the northern part of South Vietnam’s A Sầu Valley.

Hamburger Hill, more commonly known as Hill 937, held great significance during the Vietnam War. Situated near the Laotian border in the A Sầu Valley of northern South Vietnam, this infamous hill witnessed a fierce and costly battle between American and North Vietnamese forces in May 1969. The battle was named after the media’s comparison of the hill’s fortified bunkers to a “hamburger grinder.”

Surrounded by dense jungle and steep terrain, Hamburger Hill posed a significant tactical challenge for both sides. American forces aimed to establish control over the area to disrupt North Vietnamese supply lines. However, the hill was heavily defended, with North Vietnamese troops deeply entrenched in bunkers and fortified positions. Consequently, the battle for Hamburger Hill resulted in a protracted and intense conflict.

One of the most memorable moments of the battle was when U.S. soldiers, facing fierce resistance, resorted to desperate tactics. Captain Tom Metsker famously stated, “We had to destroy the village to save it,” illustrating the brutal realities of war. This statement became emblematic of the broader controversy surrounding the Vietnam War and its impact on civilian populations.

Here are some interesting facts about Hamburger Hill and the battle for Hill 937:

  1. The assault on Hamburger Hill began on May 10, 1969, and lasted for ten days, ending on May 20.
  2. The North Vietnamese forces defending the hill were from the 29th Regiment of the People’s Army of Vietnam.
  3. The battle involved intense close-quarters combat, with soldiers engaging in brutal hand-to-hand fighting.
  4. Approximately 70% of the attacking American forces became casualties during the battle, leading to heavy criticism of the mission’s strategic value.
  5. The battle of Hamburger Hill became highly controversial, causing public outcry and anti-war sentiment in the United States.
  6. The battle itself did not significantly alter the course of the war but intensified debates about the U.S. military’s involvement in Vietnam.
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Table: Casualties during the Battle of Hamburger Hill (Hill 937)

American Casualties North Vietnamese Casualties
KIA 47 633
WIA 400 Unknown
MIA 1 Unknown

In conclusion, Hamburger Hill, or Hill 937, was located in the A Sầu Valley near the Laotian border in northern South Vietnam. The battle fought for its capture during the Vietnam War was marked by intense combat and significant casualties. This bloody conflict remains a poignant symbol of the challenges and controversies encountered during the U.S. military’s involvement in Vietnam.

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In this YouTube video, the narrator and his companions visit the Battle of Hamburger Hill site in Vietnam. They meet their guide, Ann, who leads them on a detector tour to avoid potential landmines in the area. Ann explains the difficulty of navigating the dense jungle and heavy rains. They learn that the Americans withdrew from Hamburger Hill during the war, but have returned after 50 years. The guide points out more landmines and shows them a tree destroyed in the war. They also spot workers from a Norwegian company funded by the U.S. Continuing their journey, they reach another landing zone and observe the terrain where the troops fought during the battle, highlighting the significance of the helicopter and the struggle to navigate the hills.

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And did you know: On Hamburger Hill, the North Vietnamese strategy was again effective: 56 Americans died, and 420 were wounded; South Vietnamese losses were also high. An estimated 600 North Vietnamese soldiers died and many more were wounded.
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