Do vietnamese still speak french?

Yes, French is still spoken by a minority of the Vietnamese population, particularly among older generations and in some educational and professional settings. However, the majority of Vietnamese people do not speak French as it is not widely taught or used in daily life.

Yes, French is still spoken by a minority of the Vietnamese population, particularly among older generations and in some educational and professional settings. However, the majority of Vietnamese people do not speak French as it is not widely taught or used in daily life.

One interesting fact is that the presence of the French language in Vietnam dates back to the French colonial period, which lasted from the mid-19th century until 1954. During this time, French was the official language of the country and was widely used in administration, education, and other sectors.

Despite the end of colonial rule, a legacy of the French language still remains in Vietnam. Some older Vietnamese individuals who were educated during the French colonial period or had French-speaking family members may still speak the language. Additionally, French is taught as a second language in some schools and universities in Vietnam, particularly in certain academic fields such as literature, law, and international relations.

However, the use of French in everyday life has declined significantly over the years. The Vietnamese language, also known as Vietnamese or Tiếng Việt, is the national language and the most widely spoken language in the country. English has also become increasingly popular, particularly among younger generations, due to its global importance and the rise of tourism, international trade, and technology.

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One famous quote relevant to this topic is by François Mitterrand, the former President of France, who said, “In Vietnam, the use of French is diminishing, but French culture continues to have a strong influence.”

Here is a table showcasing the languages spoken in Vietnam:

Language Percentage of Speakers*
Vietnamese 85%
English 10%
French <5%
Other languages <1%

*Percentages are approximate and may vary.

In conclusion, while French is still spoken by a minority of the Vietnamese population, its usage has significantly declined over the years. The majority of Vietnamese people primarily speak Vietnamese, with English becoming increasingly prevalent. French continues to have a cultural influence, but its practical usage is limited in modern-day Vietnam.

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The Chu Van An high school in Hanoi, Vietnam, is an elite school with a long-standing tradition of teaching French. Founded by the French in 1908, the school continues to offer bilingual and optional French classes, with subjects like mathematics taught in French. The French Embassy’s linguistic sector and the French Institute partner to provide cultural events, cinema screenings, and a French-language library to support the students’ learning. The school also hosts an annual French-speaking festival, which serves as a valuable exchange for the francophone community in Hanoi.

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Vietnam: Vietnam was a French colony from the mid-19th century until 1954, and French is still spoken by some Vietnamese people. It is also taught as a second language in some schools.

Official figures in 2019 estimate that about 675,000 Vietnamese are fluent in French, many of whom are older individuals educated during the colonial era. Its usage in everyday life has greatly declined since 1975, however, with the number of people using French on a regular basis being between 5,000 to 6,000.

The French language is also relatively common in Vietnam, but mostly among the older generation.

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Just so, Do any Vietnamese speak French?
Answer to this: Vietnam is the largest Francophone country in Asia and is a member of the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie (OIF).

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How many people in Vietnam still speak French?
In Asia and the Middle East, the French language remains a trace of France’s colonial past in countries such as Laos (190,000 speakers), Vietnam (660,000 speakers) and Cambodia (440,000 speakers), which formerly made up French Indochina.

Additionally, Is there still French influence in Vietnam?
French colonial power ended after the 9-year First Indochina War, which was followed for more than 20 years by the Vietnam War. Numerous colonial buildings in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are still functional and well-maintained. There is much evidence of French influence in Vietnamese cuisine.

Why are there so many French Vietnamese? The answer is: The largest influx of Vietnamese people arrived in France as refugees after the Fall of Saigon and end of the Vietnam War in 1975.

Beside this, Is French spoken in Vietnam?
Response: French, a legacy of colonial rule, is spoken as a second language by a significant portion of Vietnamese people. Vietnam is a full Francophonie member, and French was once the country’s primary language. Do Vietnamese people still speak French?

Moreover, Do Vietnamese use French as their mother tongue in Vietnam?
The answer is: If you mean: do Vietnamese use French as their mother-tongue in Vietnam then the answer is no, Vietnamese is our national language followed by English as lingua franca. Otherwise, French nowadays is a less popular second language but there are people who do practice speaking French (not necessarily old generations).

Correspondingly, Is French still relevant in Vietnam?
In reply to that: Colony or not,French has faded into obscurity, or at the very least as relevant as any other Latin language (minus English). Ninja edit: The only French you’ll find are words that are loan words incorporated into the Vietnamese language already like car (auto). No one cares , but the most unfriendly tourists i met in Vietnam where french.

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Why are Vietnamese words French?
Response to this: The majority of words having French origin are those relating to objects, food and technology introduced to the Vietnamese during the colonial era. Additionally, the Vietnamese alphabet came to be written in a Latin-based script instead of Chữ Hán traditionally used by the former royal court.

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