Fast response to: can you use Google in Vietnam?

Yes, Google can be used in Vietnam. However, certain Google services and websites may be restricted or inaccessible due to government censorship.

Yes, Google can be used in Vietnam. However, certain Google services and websites may be restricted or inaccessible due to government censorship. Despite the limitations, many individuals in Vietnam still utilize Google as a search engine, email provider, and for various other purposes.

Interestingly, the use of Google in Vietnam has evolved over the years. The country has witnessed a surge in internet usage and smartphone penetration, leading to an increased reliance on digital services like Google. According to StatCounter, as of July 2021, Google holds a dominant share of over 90% in the search engine market in Vietnam.

It is worth noting that the Vietnamese government has periodically blocked or restricted access to certain Google services and websites. These restrictions are primarily aimed at controlling the flow of information and curbing dissent. For instance, access to YouTube was blocked in Vietnam for several years, but it was gradually restored, albeit with occasional disruptions.

In some cases, the restrictions on Google services have led to the emergence of alternative platforms. For example, Zing ( and Bilutv ( are popular Vietnamese alternatives to YouTube, providing users with local content and a platform to share videos.

However, Internet censorship in Vietnam goes beyond Google, and numerous other websites and social media platforms have faced restrictions and content takedowns. Despite the limitations, individuals in Vietnam often find ways to access restricted content using methods like virtual private networks (VPNs) or proxy servers.

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Regarding the topic, a quote from Eric Schmidt, the former CEO of Google, comes to mind: “Censorship reflects a society’s lack of confidence in itself. It is a hallmark of an authoritarian regime.” This quote resonates with the reality of internet censorship and the challenges faced by individuals seeking unrestricted access to information in certain countries.

In conclusion, while Google can be used in Vietnam, the government imposes restrictions on certain Google services and websites due to censorship. The evolving landscape of internet usage and the emergence of alternative platforms demonstrate the innovative ways individuals adapt to restrictions. Nonetheless, the limitations highlight the broader issue of censorship and the impact it has on access to information.

Here’s a table showcasing the market share of search engines in Vietnam as of July 2021, according to StatCounter:

Search Engine Market Share
Google 91.76%
Bing 3.01%
Yahoo! 1.90%
DuckDuckGo 1.50%
Others 1.83%

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