How many submarines does vietnam have?

Vietnam currently possesses a fleet of six submarines.

Vietnam currently possesses a fleet of six submarines, which are primarily used for coastal defense and maritime patrol. These submarines are part of the Vietnamese Navy’s efforts to modernize its naval capabilities and ensure the country’s territorial integrity.

To provide a more detailed overview, we can showcase a table summarizing Vietnam’s submarines:

Submarine Class Number
Kilo 636 6

Now, let’s delve into some interesting facts about Vietnam’s submarine fleet:

  1. Modernization Efforts: Vietnam has been actively upgrading its naval capabilities in recent years. The acquisition of submarines is a significant step towards strengthening its defense posture in the contested South China Sea.

  2. Kilo 636 Submarines: Vietnam’s entire submarine fleet consists of Kilo 636-class submarines, purchased from Russia. These submarines are known for their stealth capabilities, endurance, and versatility in different types of missions.

  3. Coastal Defense: The submarines primarily serve the purpose of coastal defense, with a focus on safeguarding Vietnam’s territorial waters and asserting its maritime sovereignty.

  4. Regional Significance: Vietnam’s submarine fleet plays a crucial role in the evolving power dynamics of the South China Sea. It allows Vietnam to project its presence and deter potential threats in the region.

  5. Naval Training: In addition to acquiring submarines, Vietnam has also focused on training its naval personnel to operate and maintain these advanced underwater platforms. This training not only enhances the capabilities of the submarine fleet but also contributes to the overall professionalism of the Vietnamese Navy.

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To provide an insightful perspective, let’s conclude with a quote by Admiral Arleigh Burke, a renowned U.S. Navy officer:

“Submarines are the key to controlling the seas. The nation that controls the seas controls its destiny.”

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6 submarinesSubmarine Force (Vietnam)

Submarine Force
Role Submarine warfare
Headquarters Cam Ranh Bay, Khánh Hòa Province, Vietnam
Anniversaries 20 June
Fleet 6 submarines

History In 2009, the VPN ordered 6 Kilo-class submarine submarines from Russia. [2] The total value of the contract was 4.3 billion USD. The contract also includes the training of Vietnamese sailors and the construction of a class-1 standard submarine crew training center at Cam Ranh Bay .

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How big is the Vietnamese navy?

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Vietnam People’s Navy
Type Naval force
Role Naval warfare and amphibious warfare
Size 50,000 officers and sailors 109 ships (including auxiliaries)
Part of People’s Army of Vietnam


What submarines served in Vietnam?

Category:Vietnam War submarines of the United States

  • Balao-class submarine.
  • Barbel-class submarine.
  • Gato-class submarine.
  • Grayback-class submarine.
  • Permit-class submarine.
  • Sailfish-class submarine.
  • Skate-class submarine.
  • Skipjack-class submarine.

How many military ships does Vietnam have?

In reply to that: Today’s Vietnamese navy has 65 vessels including six submarines and six frigates, according to research database

What branches of the U.S. military have submarines?

Answer: Submarines have been active component of the US Navy ever since.

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