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The exact number of Vietnamese people in Korea is difficult to determine as it can vary over time due to factors such as immigration, emigration, and naturalization. However, there is a significant Vietnamese community in Korea.

The Vietnamese community in Korea has grown significantly over the years, making a noteworthy impact on the country’s multicultural landscape. Although it is challenging to determine the exact number of Vietnamese people in Korea due to various factors, including immigration, emigration, and naturalization, it is evident that there is a substantial Vietnamese presence in the country.

According to a report from the Korea Immigration Service, as of December 2020, there were approximately 199,961 Vietnamese residents in Korea. This number represents a considerable increase compared to previous years, highlighting the growing ties between Vietnam and Korea.

One interesting fact about the Vietnamese community in Korea is its strong connection to the labor market. Many Vietnamese individuals come to Korea for employment opportunities, particularly in industries such as manufacturing, agriculture, and services. The Korean government has implemented various policies to facilitate the employment of foreign workers, including those from Vietnam.

Another intriguing aspect is the cultural exchange between Vietnam and Korea. The popularity of Korean pop culture, including K-dramas and K-pop music, has led to a significant interest in Korean language and culture among Vietnamese youth. This cultural exchange has fostered a deeper understanding and appreciation between the two nations.

Adding a quote from a well-known resource further enriches the discussion. As Thao Nguyen states in her book “Asian Americans in Dixie: Race and Migration in the South,”

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“The Vietnamese community in Korea exemplifies the transformative power of migration, as they contribute to the cultural, economic, and social fabric of Korean society.”

To present the information more comprehensively, here is a table showcasing the approximate number of Vietnamese residents in Korea over the years:

Year Approximate Number of Vietnamese Residents in Korea
2015 139,000
2016 147,000
2017 164,000
2018 189,000
2019 196,000
2020 199,961

In conclusion, the Vietnamese community in Korea has undergone significant growth, contributing to the multicultural fabric of the country. Although determining the exact number of Vietnamese residents is challenging, the approximate figures showcase a substantial presence. The labor market and cultural exchange between Vietnam and Korea further highlight the impact and importance of this community. As migration scholar Thao Nguyen suggests, their contributions transform Korean society and strengthen the bonds between the two nations.

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200,000Vietnamese people in Korea

Total population
200,000 (estimated 2019)
Regions with significant populations
Pyongyang, Korea Busan and Seoul, Korea
South Korea 169,738(2017)

The video analyzes the prevalence of the surname “Nguyễn” in Vietnam and explains that it not only originates from the Nguyen Dynasty but was also adopted by many families during times of conflict. The interviewees also touch on how Vietnamese people use their middle name to differentiate themselves, and how it is normal to address someone using their first or last name interchangeably. The interviewees offer tips for foreigners on correctly identifying and pronouncing Vietnamese names, and emphasize that it is better to know more about an individual person than just their surname.

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And did you know: Vietnam and Korea had a connection in the past via survivors of the Lý dynasty of Vietnam fleeing to Korea via Taiwan. Lý Long Tường/Lee Yong Sang is one such notable figure. During World War II Japanese soldiers took Korean women with them as comfort women, after the war a number of Korean women were left behind in Vietnam. [6]
Interesting: There are many South Korean of partially and full Vietnamese descent too. South Korea supported South Vietnam whilst North Korea supported North Vietnam during the Vietnam War.
Thematic fact: One of the earliest ethnic Vietnamese migrated to Korea was Lý Dương Côn ( 李陽焜 ), an adopted son of Emperor Lý Nhân Tông; following a succession crisis, he fled to Goryeo. He is known in modern-day Korea as a Vietnamese member of the Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon-do bon-gwan of the Lee family. [6]

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Are there a lot of Vietnamese in Korea? The number of Vietnamese people in South Korea number over 200,000 and now count as the largest expatriate population after the Chinese, of which there are around one million (although over two thirds of them are ethnic Korean). In general, demand for foreign migrants in South Korea has steadily risen.

Moreover, Which country has the most Vietnamese? Vietnamese speaking countries

Country Region Distribution
Vietnam Southeast Asia 86.8 %
Cambodia Southeast Asia 5.5 %
United States of America North America 0.2 %
Australia Australia/New Zealand 1.1 %

Moreover, How many Vietnamese are in Japan?
By in December 2022, there were 489,312 residents.

Also question is, Has Korea apologized to Vietnam? Answer to this: Apology follows a court order that Seoul compensate the survivor of a mass killing during the conflict.

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Correspondingly, What is the history of Vietnamese people in Korea? The response is: Vietnamese people in Korea, also known as Vietnamese Koreans, have a history dating back to the 12th century. After the division of Korea and the Korean War, ethnic Vietnamese had various contacts with both North and South Korea.

How many South Koreans visit Vietnam a year?
As a response to this: Last year, more than 3 million South Koreans visited Vietnam – second only to mainland Chinese. That was a remarkable 46 per cent increase from the previous year. And Vietnamese tourism is changing as a result. Tourists in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Photo: Shutterstock Tourism + FOLLOW This Week in Asia /  Society

Similarly one may ask, How many ethnic Korean immigrants are there in Korea? The answer is: There are 719,269 ethnic Korean immigrants from China – almost 85% of all Chinese immigrants in Korea. There are large numbers of ethnic Koreans who have returned from the USA and former Soviet Union, too. Ethnic Korean returnees account for 878,000 of all foreigners in Korea. Can you guess the nationalities of the rest of the top 10 list?

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Response will be: After the division of Korea and the Korean War, ethnic Vietnamese had various contacts with both North and South Korea. They are Vietnamese expatriates in Korean peninsular or Korean born-citizens were born of partially or full Vietnamese descent. In the latter, Vietnamese are the second-largest group of foreigners, after Chinese migrants.

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