Your inquiry is – why are there so many Vietnamese in France?

There is a significant Vietnamese community in France due to historical ties between the two countries. Many Vietnamese people migrated to France during the 20th century, particularly after the Vietnam War, seeking refuge, better economic opportunities, and reunification with their families.

France is home to a significant Vietnamese community that has deep historical roots and has experienced significant growth over the past century. The presence of Vietnamese people in France can be attributed to various factors, including historical ties, migration waves, and the pursuit of better opportunities and reunification with family members.

Historical Ties:

Vietnam was a French colony from the late 19th century until 1954, during which time significant cultural and economic exchanges took place. This historical connection between Vietnam and France laid the foundation for future interactions and migration flows between the two countries.

Migration Waves:

The largest influx of Vietnamese immigrants to France occurred during the 20th century, with notable waves following the Vietnam War. Many Vietnamese people sought refuge in France, escaping the turmoil and political instability in their home country. According to the French Institute of Demographic Studies, the number of people of Vietnamese origin living in France increased from 6,000 in 1946 to around 350,000 in 2008.

Better Economic Opportunities:

Economic factors have also played a role in attracting Vietnamese immigrants to France. The search for better economic prospects has been a significant pull factor for individuals and families looking to improve their living standards. France’s relatively stable economy and job opportunities have made it an attractive destination for Vietnamese migrants seeking financial stability.

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Reunification with Families:

Reunification with family members already residing in France has been an important motivation for Vietnamese immigrants. The desire to be close to loved ones who had previously settled in France encouraged further migration. As French sociologist Emmanuel Poisson states, “Family reunification and social networks have been vital in establishing and expanding the Vietnamese community in France.”

Interesting Facts:

  • The Vietnamese community in France is one of the largest Asian communities in the country.
  • The majority of Vietnamese immigrants settled in Paris and its surrounding regions, forming vibrant cultural enclaves.
  • The Vietnamese community in France has actively preserved its cultural heritage, evident in the numerous Vietnamese restaurants, shops, and festivals throughout the country.
  • France has been instrumental in supporting the preservation and promotion of Vietnamese arts and culture, with institutions like the Musée du Quai Branly-Jacques Chirac showcasing Vietnamese art.


Factors influencing Vietnamese migration to France
Historical ties between Vietnam and France
Escaping political instability and seeking refuge
Pursuit of better economic opportunities
Desire for family reunification
Cultural and social networks

In conclusion, the significant Vietnamese community in France can be attributed to the historical ties, migration waves following the Vietnam War, economic opportunities, and the desire for family reunification. The Vietnamese population in France has greatly contributed to the diverse cultural landscape of the country, enriching it through their traditions, cuisine, and vibrant communities. As French diplomat and writer Dominique de Villepin aptly expressed, “The Vietnamese diaspora has shaped France as much as France has influenced Vietnam.”

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The YouTube video titled “A shared history: France’s vibrant Vietnamese community” focuses on the wave of Vietnamese immigration to France after the fall of Saigon in 1975. Testimonies from individuals, including the founder of a support organization and a business owner, highlight the challenges faced in integrating into French society, but also express hope for future generations. The section concludes with the mention of Celine Pham, a talented chef who combines her French nationality with her Vietnamese roots through her cooking. She dreams of showcasing her culinary skills in Vietnam one day.

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The largest influx of Vietnamese people arrived in France as refugees after the Fall of Saigon and end of the Vietnam War in 1975.

ALTHOUGH that in Thailand is larger and those in Rangoon and Prague are more revolutionary, the community in France constitutes the most im- portant overseas Vietnamese group of any because of its location in the heart of Western Europe, its special composition, and its political evolution.

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Why are there so many Vietnamese people in Paris?
As a response to this: After the Fall of Saigon in 1975 and end of the Vietnam War, the majority of Vietnamese refugees to France were settled in Paris and the surrounding Île-de-France metropolitan region.
How big is the Vietnamese population in France?
Response to this: About 128,000 Vietnamese live in France, according to mid-2017 estimates from the Migration Policy Institute, and it was the first place Gray experienced the Vietnamese diaspora outside of the United States.
Which European country has the most Vietnamese?
The response is: Germany. Vietnamese are the largest Asian ethnic group in Germany. As of 2019, there are about 188,000 people of Vietnamese descent in Germany. In Western Germany, most Vietnamese arrived in the 1970s or 1980s as refugees from the Vietnam War.
Is there a large Vietnamese population in Paris?
Response: Paris is home to one of the largest Vietnamese diaspora populations in the world and the oldest in the Western world. The greater metropolitan area is home to 200,000 people of Vietnamese descent, who compose one of the city’s most notable and visible ethnic minorities.
How many Vietnamese live in France?
Response to this: About 128,000 Vietnamese live in France, according to mid-2017 estimates from the Migration Policy Institute, and it was the first place Gray experienced the Vietnamese diaspora outside of the United States. She said she previously wasn’t aware that a Vietnamese community existed in Paris’ 13th district.
Why are Vietnamese so popular in France?
Response will be: Fourth and later generations of French Vietnamese have largely blended into French society culturally, and havehigh rates of intermarriage with the ethnic French population. Vietnamese is the eighth most spoken language of immigrant origin and most spoken Asian language in France.
When did Vietnamese immigrants come to France?
The answer is: The largest influx of Vietnamese people arrived in France as refugees after the Fall of Saigon and end of the Vietnam War in1975, with 19,394 individuals official census of the 1980s.
Why did the French leave Vietnam?
Answer will be: Near the end of the war, the French recruited Vietnamese soldiers for the military engineers, the artillery, and the newly formed air force. At this time Vietnamese men chose to leave their country and its rice fields because of the poor economy in Indochina and natural disasters, which caused famine.

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